Lesbian Sex; How It’S Done

Girls Kissing

Adult people have different sex orientation; there are those who enjoy having sex with members of opposite sex while others like doing it with same sex orientation, e.g. lesbians. Quite a number of women are practicing lesbian sex even though it is not easy to tell unless you are their partner. It gives them incredible sexual satisfaction.

How can you have sex with same sex orientation? Lesbians use different ways to have sex with fellow adult women. Firstly, there is the normal kissing. As with all couples, they kiss each other passionately until they become emotionally connected, ready to experience sexual fantasy.

Because they are women, lesbians have mastered how to fondle each other’s breasts for excellent pleasure. They cup them using their hands and caress them gently and romantically; this increases stimulation for mind-blowing lesbian sex. In addition, tits are very sensitive. When one licks them gently, they become steady and firm. This alone puts one in the mood to have sex because of the stimulation. It is one of the best techniques used by lesbians.

They then begin to lick each other’s genitals for maximum enjoyment. They do this in turns. This makes them scream with pleasure especially when the tongue moves over their folds. The sensitive clitoris does the magic when touched or licked.

Furthermore, as a lesbian, there are quite a number of tools that you can use for an amazing sex experience. For example: dildo or vibrator. When you wear a dildo, it will serve as a penis. You will therefore be able to enjoy your partner’s vagina and hit all her sensitive spots using this amazing tool. The bigger and longer it is the better because it will penetrate properly and hit her vaginal walls for a memorable lesbian sex experience.

A vibrator too is very useful if you are a lesbian. You simply insert it in your vagina or that of your partner and then begin to feel like you are being fucked as it vibrates. You will begin to moan in pleasure as you enjoy sexual fantasy. You will like every moment of it. It will enable you achieve several orgasms until you are totally satisfied.

The bottom line is that lesbians enjoy sexual encounters in much the same way other sexual partners do. You know what you like, you get to know what your partner likes, and you all enjoy a good sexual experience!

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